Keynote Speakers

Dr. Christian Boller, Ph.D

Dr. Christian Boller holds a chair in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Quality Assurance at Saarland University in Saarbruecken/Germany and is also a Director at the Fraunhofer Institute of Non-Destructive Testing based in Saarbrücken/ Germany since 2008. He received an engineering diploma in structural engineering from Darmstadt Technical University as well as an engineering doctoral degree in material mechanics from the same institution. He held various posts in research and development with Battelle, MBB, Daimler-Benz and EADS in Frankfurt/Main, Ottobunn/Munich and Stuttgart respectively, before being appointed a chair in smart structural design at the University of Sheffield/UK in 2003. Professor Boller is a member of various scientific committees and societies and has published and edited a multitude of articles and books in the area of fatigue and fracture, smart structures, structural health monitoring (SHM) and micro aerial vehicles, including Encyclopedia on Structural Health Monitoring. He has become the major organiser of a variety of international conferences such as European Workshop on SHM, NDT in Aerospace or NDT for the Energy Industry to just name a few. His major research areas of interest include SHM inspired by NDT and integrated into structural life cycle management as well as robotic inspection systems. Professor Boller is also a visiting professor at the School of Aeronautics at the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in Nanjing/China.

Dr. Reyaz Sabet-Sharghi, Ph.D

Dr. Reyaz Sabet-Sharghi graduated with a PhD (Physics) from Queen’s University in Canada in 1998. His thesis research was focused on the evaluation of stress concentrations on data signatures of electromagnetic pipeline inspection applications. Since graduating, Dr. Sabet-Sharghi has held a variety of field and managerial positions in both the manufacturing and inspection services sectors. Much of his industrial inspection experience has been centered around advanced inspection applications and services with a focus geared towards guided wave applications over the past 10+ years. Dr. Sabet-Sharghi currently holds the position of Inspection Team Lead within the Safety and Operational Risk organization for BP Exploration Alaska, based in Anchorage. He manages BP staff and contractors personnel tasked with the development of all BPXA’s piping, pipelines and tank inspections, in addition to overall responsibility for the inspection database - currently one of the largest in BP’s upstream segment. He also acts as a BPXA piping and pipelines Inspection Authority responsible for the review and approval of all contractor inspection procedures and personnel qualifications.

Dr. Sabet-Sharghi has gained GWT Level 3 certification from Guided Ultrasonics Ltd. (GUL) - an industry first - and more recently from PCN.

Dr. Samuel Legoupil, Ph.D

Dr. Samuel Legoupil is a research engineer in nuclear physics. After receiving his Master of Science, he prepared his PhD in image and signal processing in CEA (1997). His first experience was with Thales Air System R&D department for intelligent radar management and radar image processing. He joined back CEA in 1998 as a research engineer for 2 years. He has been the head of laboratory for imaging and tomography for industrial applications for 10 years at CEA Tech / LIST. Dr. Legoupil's main skills are in X-ray imaging, tomography, Non-Destructive Testing, system analysis, modelling and data processing, nuclear science, and computer science. Since 2012, he has been in charge of industrial partnerships in the Non-Destructive Testing Department at CEA Tech.