Accepted Abstracts

Simulation, Training and Qualification

Author / Affiliation
Simplifying Ultrasonic NDT Data Reporting Daniel Leonard, Elcometer NDT, UK
Effect of Focal-Law Parameters on Probability of Detection in Phased Array Ultrasonic Examination using Simulation Modelling P. R. Dheeraj, Shaik Khaja Mohiuddin, Siraj H Masroor and I.Mohsin, A-Star Training & Consultancy Pte. Ltd.
Application based NDE Training solutions Shashikant Naik(1), Rajendran Binu(2), (1) Senior Lead NDT Instructor, GE Inspection Academy, MENAT, (2) Technical Manager MEA, GE
Modeling and Visualization for Imaging of Subsurface Damage Neil Goldfine, Scott Denenberg, Brian Manning, Zachary Thomas JENTEK Sensors, Inc.,
The Bridge: Converting industrial film to digital Michael Beaugrand, VP of International Sales at Lariviere GmbH, Germany
Application of Acoustic Emission for Quality Assurance in Capital Projects Jonathan BURNS, Timothy BRADSHAW and Phillip COLE, Mistras Group Ltd., UK
Large volume management and presentation of inspection data N. R. Pearson, S. Marshall, M. Kircough, W. Woodhead Silverwing (UK) Ltd, UK

Advanced UT

Author / Affiliation
Successful corrosion damage assessment of complex Boiler tube utilizing latest NDT technique Abdul Nasser Alam, NDT Engineer, Saudi kayan Petro chemical company, Saudi Arabia
Use of Water Immersion UT techniques to assist with data capture and analysis N. R. Pearson, S. Marshall, A. Ashton, Silverwing (UK) Ltd, UK
Environmental Cracking in Steels - Detection Using Advanced NDT Mark F. Rosa, Yousef Al-Munif, Mohammed A. Abufour, Saudi Aramco Oil Company, KSA
Integration of smart sensors with robotics for automatic inspection Matt Bellis, President, Seikowave, USA
Phased Array Inspection on Boiler Tubes Salih abdulhaleem Salih Alawad, Stanley Inspection, South Africa
Study of a Train Axle Inspection system for automatically detecting defects in Hollow Axles Montse Acebes, Iñaki Gauna, Alberto Álvarez, Diego Flórez, Nigel Thorpe, Tecnitest Ingenieros, Spain
Significance of using Immersion Ultrasonic Test method for the evaluation of Crack Area Ratio (CAR) for HIC Specimen T.S.Kathayat, Hardik Desai and Rabi Raut, India
Online Implementation of HT-PAUT on Ferritic Steel Weldments to Support FFS Fahad M. Mudayeq, Senior Engineer inspection & NDT, Manufacturing Competence center, Saudi Arabia
Current Situation of NDT Training in Germany Dr. Ralf Holstein, DGZfP Education and Training LTD, Max- Planck-Str. 6, Berlin, Germany

Unpiggable Pipes

Author / Affiliation
High Pressure Natural Gas Pipelines Built In 1940s - The Ultimate Challenge For ILI Tool Design Basil Hostage, Dr. Daniel Schaper, Dr. Rainer Schmidt, Germany
RD/CH Drain Piping Inspection at Palo Verde Utilizing Quest’s HYDRA™ Intelligent Pigging Technology Daniel Wittas, Buried Piping Program Manager Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station (APS) and Rich Roberts, Vice President and General Manager Quest Integrity Group, USA
Pipe Robots for Internal Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing and Machining of Pipelines Alexander Reiss, Inspector Systems GmbH, Rodermark, Germany
Gains with Advanced Data Assessment in ILI: Leveraging Pipeline Data with Expertise to Eliminate Risk, Prioritize and Schedule Necessary Repairs Ian Smith and Michael McGee, Quest Integrity Group, USA
Inspection of Buried or Inaccessible Piping in Nitrogen or Syngas Plants Utilizing Ultrasonic Based Intelligent Pigging Technology Richard Roberts Quest Integrity Group, LLC, USA
Practical Solutions for Un-scrapeable Pipeline Inspections Frank J. Mueller, Mohammed Jaarah, Rosen Germany
Role of Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA) in integrity management of unpiggable offshore pipelines Keller, Michael, Ruik Beyhaut, Sebastian, ROSEN-Group

Corrosion Under Insulation

Author / Affiliation
Rapid Screening of Insulated Pipes for Corrosion Under Insulation Using Advanced Electromagnetic Technique. Ankit Vajpayee M.Sc. P.Eng. Applications Specialist, Asset Integrity, Russell NDE Systems Inc., Canada
A Novel Self Calibrating Pulsed Eddy Current Probe for Defect Detection in Pipework S. Majidnia, J. Rudlin and R. Nilavalan, PhD Associate,College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences, Brunel University, UK
Imaging Corrosion Under Insulation and Under Fireproofing, Using MR-MWM-Arrays Neil Goldfine, Brian Manning, Zachary Thomas, Yanko Sheiretov, Scott Denenberg, Todd Dunford, JENTEK Sensors and Rasheed Al Rushaid, Frederick Haught, Al Rushaid Technologies Co., Saudi Arabia
Application of Effective Maintenance for CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) of Pipes in Chemical Plants Hiroyasu Matsuda (1) ,Taku Moriyama (2) , Makoto Matsuoka(2) , Yuichi Ishikawa(3) and Jun’ichi Sakai(3) (1) Best Material Co, Tokyo, Japan (2) Mitsui Chemicals/Engineering Dept.,Japan (3) Waseda University, Japan
Micro-Curie Radiographic Imaging of Large Objects Based on Gamma Ray Backscattering Samir Abdul-Majid, Ahmed Balamesh, Dheya Al Othmany, Ahmed Alassiaa, Hussein Al-Huraibi, Faculty of Engineering, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Corrosion Under Insulation and Fire Proofing Materials V.P. Sastry, TCR Arabia, Saudi Arabia.

Plant Integrity, RBI & FSS

Author / Affiliation
Saudi Aramco Corrosion Management Program Abdelhak Kermad, Consulting Services Department, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Implementation Experience At Steel Industry, Step Toward Reliability Excellence Engr. Awedh Ahmad Al Shehri, Manager Reliability Technical Support, SABIC HADEED, Saudi Arabia
Economic and Management Aspects of NDT in Plant Integrity Applications Dhrar Zeyada, Sadara Chemical Company, Saudi Arabia
ISOTRAC® Technology For Mechanical Integrity Compliance During Process Plant Construction Jonathan BURNS(1) and Russ DAVIS (2), (1) Mistras Group Ltd., Cambridge, UK, (2) Mistras Group Inc., USA
Acoustic Emission Monitoring During Cool Down of Refinery Processing Reactors Athanasios ANASTASOPOULOS, Dimitrios KOUROUSIS, Konstantinos BOLLAS(1), and Phil COLE (2), (1) Mistras Group Hellas A.B.E.E., Greece, (2) Mistras Group Ltd., UK
Effective Fitness for Service Assessment Requires Appropriate Inspection Data Morteza K. Jafari, PE, Mistras Group Inc., Asset Integrity Management Services (AIMS) Division, Texas
Manage Integrity Risks of Aging Assets Vijay Vesvikar, ASNT NDT Level III, CSWIP 3.1, RPO, API 570, National Pipe Compay Limited, Saudi Arabia
Newly Developed RBI Software Tools Consistent with Japanese Technique Yoshiharu SHIMURA (1), Masahi OHIRA (1), Daisuke KOBAYASHI(1), Shigemitsu KIHARA (2) and Akio FUJI(2), (1) IMC Co., Ltd., Japan, (2) Best Materia Co, Japan
Implementation of Statistical Analysis of Inspection Data to Improve Integrity Management Process Vichaar Dimlaye (1) and Mark Stone (2), (1) Sonomatic Ltd, Abu Dhabi, UAE, (2) Sonomatic Ltd, UK
Mechanical Integrity and Jurisdictional Compliance for Fifty Years Old Ammonia Converter Morteza K. Jafari, PE1, Nicolas Obando, ABS Consulting Group Inc., Integrity Management Services, USA
Risk-Based Inspection Study and Its Contribution in Reducing T&I Expenditure at JNGLF Plant Zakariya Al-Ashwan, Juaymah NGL and Fractionation Department, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

Plant Equipment

Author / Affiliation
Successful Corrosion Camage Assessment of Complex Boiler Tube Utilizing Latest NDT Technique Abdul Nasser Alam, Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company, A SABIC Affiliate, Saudi Arabia
Magnetic Flux Leakage Tube Inspection- A Comparitive Assessment of the Advantages & Disadvantages of the Technique Dean Mason, Stork Cooperheat, Saudi Arabia
In-Service Inspection of Ageing Power Plant Steve Kenny, Doosan Babcock, UK
Continuous Monitoring of Operating Process Plant using Acoustic Emission Jonathan Burns, Timothy Bradshaw and Phillip Cole, Mistras Group Ltd., Cambridge, UK
Comparison between Tank Bottoms MFLT and UT for Corrosion Rate Calculations Muhammed H. Al-Lutfallah and Isa A Al-Salahi, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Best Practice and Common Pitfalls in Tube Inspection Vignesh Mariappan, Olympus Testing, Maintenance & Repair Services L.L.C, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Inspection of Buried or Inaccessible Piping in Process Plants Utilizing Ultrasonic Based Intelligent Pigging Technology Richard D. Roberts, Quest Integrity Group, LLC, Washington, USA
Optimum Inspection Requirements for Ethylene Cryogenic Tanks Dr. Khalid Sheltami, Section Head Static Equipment, SABIC, Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Effective and Reliable Inspection of Fin-Fan Cooler Tubes Andreas Boenisch and Abdulrahman Taqateq, Innospection Ltd,Abu Dhabi, UAE
Remote Field Testing of Carbon Steel Twisted Tube® Heat Exchangers & Case Studies Tim Rush, Mistras Group, Inc., USA, and Olivier Lavoie (Specialist, Electromagnetic Technologies), Koch Heat Transfer Company, Italy

Guided Wave

Author / Affiliation
The Quantitative Assessment of Touch Point Corrosion Wall Loss at Contact Supports David Alleyne, Guided Ultrasonics Ltd, UK
Towards The Development of A FFS Tool for Inspection of Corrosion Under Insulation Yves Gunaltun, Dyana Merline.J, Patrick Hivert and Gary Penney, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Strategies for Non-Invasive Monitoring of Engineering Structures Using Guided Waves Peter Mudge, Alex Haig and Keith Thornicroft, TWI Ltd, UK
Design of Pipelines for Guided Wave Testing and Monitoring Mark J. Evans, Thomas K. Vogt, David Alleyne, Brian Pavlakovic, Guided Ultrasonics Ltd, UK
Evaluation of Guided Wave Equipment and Personnel Raymond J. Carswell, Mark F. Rosa, Inspection Department, Saudi Aramco Oil Company, Saudi Arabia

General NDT

Author / Affiliation
Field Deployable Digital X-Ray Solution for Weld Inspection in Oil & Gas Steven WISSELS, Rajendran BINU GE Inspection Technologies
Eddy Current Array Probes for Crack Detection and Sizing in Carbon Steel Welds Keith Sinclair, Michael Sirois, Stefan Parmentier, Nathan Decourcelle, Marc Grenier, Eddyfi NDT Inc., Quebec, Canada
Acoustic Emission In-Service Active Corrosion Monitoring & Assessment on Above Ground Atmospheric Storage Tank Floors Dimitrios KOUROUSIS, Dimitrios PAPASALOUROS,
Konstantinos BOLLAS, Athanasios ANASTASOPOULOS
(1) and Phil COLE (2)
(1) Mistras Group Hellas A.B.E.E., Athens, Greece,
(2) Mistras Group Ltd., UK
Evaluation of PAUT and TOFD In Lieu of Radiography for Weld Inspection During Fabrication and In-Service Inspection Tahir Nazir, Imran Anwar, Shabbir Ahmad and Zaheer Ahmad, National Centre for Non-destructive Testing (NCNDT), Pakistan
EMAT Application on Incoloy Furnace Tubes L.M.Murugan and M. Ramamohan Reddy, NDT & Corrosion Control Services, Saudi Arabia
Feasibility of Using Nondestructive Testing NDT in Roller Compacted Concrete Quality Assessment Prof. Saad Issa Sarsam, Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq
Digital Radioscopic Imaging of Heavy Wall Piping. Stephen Halliwell, VJ Technologies Inc., USA
The Use of Balanced Field Electromagnetic Technique for Inspection of Socket Welds Bryan Hopper, TesTex Inc., Pittsburgh, USA
Replacement of Conventional NDT with Advance NDT Methods for Oil and Gas Zeki Gokce, Team Industrial Services

Innovative Techniques

Author / Affiliation
Survey of Underwater NDT Technologies for Offshore Assets Ayman Amer, Ali Outa, Hassane Trigui, Sahejad Patel, Fadl Abdellatif, Ameen Abedan, Fernando Diaz Ledezma, Research & Development Center, Intelligent Systems Team, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
A Permanently Installed Device for Wall Thickness Monitoring of Steel Components J.Rudlin, S. Majidnia and O. Gilmour, College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences, U.K
Pipeline External Corrosion and Dent Analysis Using 3D Laser Scanner Christophe Piron, NDT Sales Manager, CREAFORM, Fontaine, France
Recent Ultrasonic Testing Technology Developments in Doosan Babcock Colin Bird, NDT Consultant, Asset Support Group- Technology, Technology & Engineering, Renfrew, U.K
Enhanced Ultrasonic, Eddy Current, and Visual Inspection via Real Time Collaboration with Remote Experts Tara Merry, GE Measurement & Control, USA
Inspection of Steel Vessels with Cladding Overlay, using MWM-Array Technology Neil Goldfine, Yanko Sheiretov, Brian Manning, Zachary Thomas, Todd Dunford; Scott Denenberg, JENTEK Sensors, Inc., USA
New ACFM Developments for ROV Deployment of Crack Inspection Michael Smith, Director of Technology and Innovation, TSC Inspection Systems, Milton Keynes, UK
Measurements of Wax Deposition in Pipelines by Neutron Back Diffusion Samir Abdul-Majid, Faculty of Engineering, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
Automatic Thermography Inspection to Detect Weld Defects on Aircraft Engines With Limited Access Nigel THORPE (1), Anna Runnemalm (2), Patrik Broberg
(2), Erik Fernandez (3), Aitor Garcia De La Yedra (3), Per
Henrikson (4), Montserrat Acebes (1)
(1) Tecnitest Ingenieros, S.L. Madrid, Spain
(2) University West, Trollhättan, Sweden
(3) IK4-LORTEK, Ordizia, Spain
(4) GKN Aerospace Engine Systems, Trollhättan, Sweden

Pipeline Management

Author / Affiliation
The Added Value of In-Line Inspection to Hydrostatic Testing Programs Brett Covey, Quest Integrity Group and Josh Kirtley, PG&E, Kent, WA, USA
Scraper Challenges in the Transport of Seawater by Pipelines Ridha H. Abbas, M. Rashid Khan, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Innovations in the Integrity Management of Seam Welds in Cyclic Service Ted Anderson and Ian Smith, Quest Integrity Group, USA
Pipe Grade Determination and MAOP Validation Using Sophisticated Scraper Technology Daniel Molenda, Werner Thale, Thomas Eiken, Mohammed Jaarah, Rosen Group, Germany
Process Piping Integrity Management System which Combines Intelligent Pigging Inspection Technology & API-579 Fitness For Service Approach Rich Roberts Quest Integrity Group, USA
Solutions for Difficult-To-Inspect Subsea Pipelines Andreas Boenisch Innospection Ltd – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Nonmetallic Pipes

Author / Affiliation
Scanning Microwave Inspection of Nonmetallic Components Karl Schmidt (1), Robert Stakenborgs (1), Mahmoud Qreis
(2), Ali Al-Beed (3)
(1) Evisive, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA, USA
(2) Abu Dhabi Polymers Co. Ltd. (Borouge), UAE
(3) Saudi K-KEM, Business Executive Center, Dhahran
Jaubail Expy, Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Challenges in Electrical Impedance Based monitoring of composite structures Gilles Lubineau, PSE/COHMAS, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology, Saudi Arabia
Non-Destructive Characterization of the Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanotubes Pramod Kumar Yadawa, Amity School of Engineering and Technology, New Delhi, lndia
Optimization of Phased-Array Transducers for Ultrasonic Inspection in Composite Materials Using Sliding Probes Montserrat Acebes, Diego Flórez, Nigel Thorpe, Mª Teresa Aguado, Tecnitest Ingenieros, Spain
Brief Study-Non Contact Mode Ultrasound Dhananjaya Mani Tripathi, ALGHANIM INTERNATIONALOIL
S. Gunasekaran, HEISCO, KUWAIT
S. S. Murugan, ISCO, KUWAIT”